Take the STRESS out of  FOREX!

If watching a trade to find a good exit point is too stressful for you, or you lack the discipline to let your profit trades run to their targets, then the

FibMatrix Virtual Trading Assistant (the “VTA”)

…is for you!

The VTA is like having a virtual trading coach with you 100% of the time. The VTA scans the FibMatrix Grids in real time and alerts you to high profit trades the moment they appear!

With over 20 different strategies built-in to the FibMatrix VTA alone, you will have plenty of opportunities to profit. …and that is just the beginning!

No more staring at your monitor screen for long periods of time waiting for a trade to appear. You only need to come to your trading platform when you hear the FibMatrix Alert signal. If you choose to accept the alert, a forex trade is opened in your MetaTrader4 trading account and you can literally just walk away!

The FibMatrix VTA will ENTER, MANAGE and EXIT your trades for maximum profit… all on AUTO-PILOT!

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