Sweet 5m Reversal Trade Does Exactly What it is Supposed To Do!

Dynamic Fibonacci Grid Live Forex Day Trading Room

09.14.2020 Live Forex Day Trading Session 5m Reversal Trade 16 Pips Profit cover
FibMatrix Live Forex Day Trading Room

Great Live Forex Day Trading Session in the FibMatrix Live Online Forex Day Trading Room. in Today’s session, Sam spots a couple of nice 5m Reversal Trade setups using the FibMatrix Dynamic Grids Forex Day Trading Software. He chooses Gbp/Jpy over Gbp/Usd to take short on the 5m Reversal after careful consideration. Sam banks +16 pips on the trades but many in the online trade room were able to hold on all the way to the 5m L7 target for over +40 Pips!

If you have not yet joined us in the FibMatrix live online forex trading room, What are you waiting for?? Come trade with us and Never Trade Alone Again!

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