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WOW Traders!! We did it again!! First, the Monster Trend Bot Fully Automated Forex Trading Strategy doubled an account in just 9 weeks! Now the Breakout Bot says “Hold my Beer!” After just 5 weeks the breakout Bot was almost at 90% growth. After a market pullback and some range price action it fought to stay alive and now the market is breaking out again! The FibMatrix Breakout Bot Fully Automated Forex Trading Software has officially doubled the Compounding trading account!

Join us and get in on the action! All FibMatrix VTA members get the Fully Automated Breakout Bot INCLUDED FREE with membership! And just in case you want ALL of our fully automated forex trading strategies, LIFETIME VTA MEMBERS get ALL FULL AUTO VTA BOTS INCLUDED! (For a Limited Time)

What are the FibMatrix Dynamic Fibonacci Grids?

FibMatrix Dynamic Grids Forex Trading Software

PILLAR 1: FibMatrix Dynamic Fibonacci Grids
With the FibMatrix Dynamic Fibonacci Grids forex trading software, you’ll know what to do at every moment, whether to BUY, SELL, or STAY OUT of the market.. because the FibMatrix Dynamic Grids are literally your GPS to the forex Market! The FibMatrix Dynamic Grids are based on Dynamic Fibonacci Wave principle, which has been in use by the International Banking System for decades to absolutely crush the forex market.. that’s because IT WORKS! The FibMatrix Dynamic Grids offer a view of the market unmatched by any other forex day trading software available! All currency pairs are analyzed across multiple time frames in REAL TIME, completing hours of technical analysis every second! Each Grid is the equivalent of simultaneously analyzing 4 time frame charts, and presented in a SIMPLE, EASY TO UNDERSTAND MATRIX. This allows you to IMMEDIATELY recognize highly profitable forex scalping trades with just a glance. Eliminating the need to spend hours of your time analyzing several forex currency pair charts. Members of the FibMatrix agree that the Multi Time Frame FibMatrix Dynamic Fibonacci Grids drastically reduce the time it takes to day trade Forex profitably.

Combine that with the FibMatrix VTA (Virtual Trading Assistant) which analyzes the Dynamic Fibonacci Grids in Real Time and gives you Alerts the moment a high probability trade appears and has the option of being turned on FULLY AUTO MODE! The FibMatrix VTA automated forex trading software also auto adjusts your lot size based on your risk management preferences to maximize compounding account growth!

Oh, did we mention you can learn how to use these amazing forex day trading tools LIVE in our FibMatrix Live Online Forex Trade Room?? That’s right! Come trade with us and never trade alone again!!

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