Killer live forex scalping session! Fibonacci Grid Trader, Forex trading coach and mentor Sam Shakespeare rides the Dynamic Fibonacci waves like a Fibonacci surfer as he takes Gbp/Jpy first long then short.. then long again using the FibMatrix Dynamic Fibonacci Grid online forex trading software! 3 trades in all netting a profit of 20 pips. All in a days work in less than an hour! Come trade with us in the FibMatrix Live Online Forex Trade Room where you can follow trades while you learn to trade the Grids on your own!

What are the FibMatrix Dynamic Fibonacci Grids?

FibMatrix Dynamic Grids Forex Trading Software

Trading side by side with live forex traders is far superior to an online forex trading course.

3 trades +20 pips FibMatrix Online Forex Trading Software and Live Forex Trade Room

Sweet Live Forex Scalping Session! 3 trades +20 Pips FibMatrix online forex trading software

video transcript:

appreciate it okay ah man I’m tempted
I’m gonna buy one or pound yet oh this
is not a normal trend idea it’s against
the kind of trend but I’m playing
basically the bottom of this range and
I’ll show you yet
first here’s the 15 minute chart so
we’re near at this bottom here and
that’s five pips lower is the bottom I
do realize this is a trend short and
you’re probably I don’t want to confuse
me why you taking only because look
we’re out on the edge if you look the
one-minute trends are the weakest of the
trends they happen in good strong
momentum markets so I mean well in the
hour it is trending there is some bottom
line support so we do have we’re at a
support level we’re not gonna take a
one-minute trend into major support
level you wouldn’t do that we wouldn’t
take a short in this kind of a pattern
until the this level was breached below
once it gets below this 35 then we can
look for a pullback and getting in short
or that’s what actually be a breakout
entry as well so I wouldn’t think about
going short on this until this level is
broken and then a pullback so if this
level gets broken these levels down here
which is around 35 then that’s a 10 pip
stuff I don’t love 10 pips top so I
don’t love any stuff I hate the heat
stopped out but you know it’s it’s worth
I think the risk if this level holds
then you know it’s been bouncing pretty
high I mean it could actually
technically go to the hour box which is
20 pips away without too much of an
issue I mean it’s done it every time
he’s going to the hour box there then I
try it again and it bounced went to the
our box and beyond even to the l2 on the
hour we’ll keep an eye on it I won’t let
it go below 35 so if you don’t if you’re
not in yet and you think you get a
better entry maybe wait maybe maybe for
me to go minus a few pips you know I’m
just playing as this bottom support I
know it looks like a trend short but
we’re at our support so I don’t I
wouldn’t take this short in to and just
again to reiterate
I’ll say it probably a few more times
here’s so here’s an hour chart so boom
boom this is the bottom here that we’ve
not been able to break now it does look
like it’s trying the highs are lower
every time so but it’s in a descending
triangle okay
so right now I’m just playing this
bottom line for a bounce I know if every
time it’s been here it’s bounced to the
our box if that is true then their Bower
box is about 20 pips higher if this
thing breaks lower let me get out so
that’s the reasoning I know the grid is
confusing if you’re learning and you’re
thinking hey this is a short trend and
it very well may be because if this does

perfect that’s you need to watch the
videos either at fit matrix comm or
subscribe to please actually everyone
subscribe to the YouTube channel fit
matrix and Forex Malibu both those
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please just go through and like all the
videos just go ahead and like them
please because that helps a lot and if
you feel like they’ve they’re helping
you and you’re learning

excellent tile in see putting pressure
to the upside on the end you’re gonna

good job all right
thanks Chris take care guys Sam
Shakespeare signing out

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