FibMatrix VTA Automated Forex Trading Software

2 Live 1m Trend Trades +25 Pips!

(Using New Settings)

Dynamic Stops Master Class

This is a MUST WATCH video for using the Dynamic Stops with the FibMatrix VTA automated forex trading software. Learn how to use the following features:

10.14.2020 v2.26 dynamic stops master class fibmatrix automated forex trading software cover image
FibMatrix VTA Automated Forex Trading Software

-Automated Dynamic Stop Calculation
-Filtering of trades based in Reward to Risk Ratio
-Automated Dynamic Targets placed based on Reward:Risk Ratios

-and much moreā€¦.

PLUS 2 live trades that profit +25 Pips are executed using the exact settings you learn about in this video!

This is a great forex trading training session!

The FibMatrix VTA fully automated forex trading software is the perfect companion when trying to identify high probability trading setups. If you have not yet joined us in the FibMatrix online live forex trading room, What are you waiting for?? Come trade with us in the FibMatrix Live Forex Trading Room and Never Trade Alone Again!

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